Your choices defines who you are

How often do you feel regretful about your  decisions  ? And how this decisions impacted your life so far? 

We have this tendency to look back and asses our previous decisions in life. Whether it was five or more than a decade ago.

 It is significantly important to evaluate our decisions the costs and its outcomes. How we look back and reflect to our  past decisions does affects on how we create new patterns to our next .The thing about Good and Bad decisions  is that it leaves  remarkable  experiences.

Experience is  a good teacher and  no one can escape the lessons that life has to offer. 

Why is it hard for us  to make  quick decisions?
Is it the choices that makes it harder?

Is it  weight of its costs ? ,the effort that comes after ?

the things you need to set aside?

the people who’s gonna get hurt ?

Is it your feelings ? your ego ? , your good  relationship ?etc.

 And whatever it is it adds up the weight for the finality of the decisions made. 
Things gets harder when you are set into a great time pressure and you have  no time to think about and  do calculations.

But during this time our  gut feeling  has its clear voice deep in ourselves and it does manifest if you will going to  allow it. 

Now if you dig deeper from the roots wondering if you made a good decision, sometimes you’ll never know it in an instant , but you’ll see the positive outcome afterwards . It  has always been the indication of a good decision.

This is how your choices defines you.

 It shows who you really are and your desires.

What makes a good decision is good choices. 

If you find yourself delving into myriads of options , chances are you don’t really know what you want .

But if you know what you want and needed to achieve, you’ll gonna sort out those options into considerable choices with deliberation.

Decision making is a skill , followed by critical and analytical thinking skills.

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Do you listen to your inner voice ?


Feed your mind with good thoughts and the good life will follow. Have you heard about all the good motivators and uplifting messages on every social media platforms ?

Their videos of self help, encouragements does have something in common ” Focus on yourself “Focus on your abilities ” It’s what makes you happy, It’s what makes you feel good It’s your power, it’s your mind , it’s your body and you should think of this ,do that ,don’t be like this and so on .

But those are empty words,it might sound a bit striking during hard times if that can set you too a good mood then what’s wrong ?Why do you still feel empty afterwards?

Because it’s empty it’s just words a mixture of letters in the alphabet

Aren’t you tired of listening to these voices ?

Some People always feel unmotivated and sad because of certain reasons. One of the biggest reasons is regret.

If only I did this, I did that.” It might have been like this or that.

To be honest this thoughts are tiring and then you’ll gonna realized it in the end that tolerating these thoughts makes you either unproductive or depressed.

It doesn’t make any sense at all. It will only make you stuck in the same ground.

What has your inner voice telling you ?

Go on , dust your self Fight  !!  or Give up ?

Sometimes it’s not what you are hearing , it’s what you have been listening that shapes you for who you are.

Are you tired ? Restless ?

Do you want to  just slump your ass down and cry ?

There’s an inner voice inside of us yearning to be heard …

Para crecer a partir de una mala experiencia, tienes que desconectarte de lo que sientes y aprovechar lo que has aprendido.

El proceso fue duro. Fue miserable, desordenado y doloroso. Pero durante esos momentos de llanto y momentos de me senti que “no tengo l√°grimas que llorar”, lo que lo hace inolvidable es el alivio despu√©s de liberar un profundo suspiro. Libera una calmante sensaci√≥n de libertad que no puedo explicar.

Nada, absolutamente nada

Nada, absolutamente nada te har√° feliz.

La gente tiende a perseguir las cosas que los hacen felices.
¬ŅPero qui√©n sabe qu√© los har√° felices?
La felicidad no dura. Es la alegría interior lo que dura para siempre.
Es la fuente de fuerza en los momentos más difíciles, es la columna vertebral de la esperanza en las pruebas.

¬ŅDe d√≥nde viene la alegr√≠a?
¬ŅViene de la satisfacci√≥n y el desapego por el amor a las cosas materiales?

No, con el tiempo se anhela algo.

La felicidad es un recipiente sin fondo. Eventualmente tus elecciones requieren que te mantengas comprometido aunque no haya certeza de ser feliz.

Si buscas la satisfacción personal, con el tiempo te quedarás vacío, pero si buscas la fuente de la satisfacción, que es el propósito de tu vida, siempre tendrás esa razón para ser feliz y estar contento.

Along the meadows of uncertainties

photo credits to Pinterest

Inadvertently —-

As she sauntered along the unfamiliar route. Breathing slowly as she passed the growing bushes of figworts. She roams to chase the direction of the moonlight, feeling the cold gush of the  wind beneath her hides.

Running aimlessly ,like a vagabond, quick, as she turned her head up to sniff the sweet and misty fog  came brushing above her nose.–A held tight to the shadows of the unknown.
Sensing  carefully thorough the brush of trees, and crumbling sound of the dry leaves from the ground.  If there’s any clear indicators that she was followed,  the  quick footsteps from the hunters made her swallow the last mount of moist in her mouth.  

Her keen senses from her fluffy ears that she got from her mom, and how the pain  of losing her from once heard of a shot , her loving eyes drift off.

She hears everything the sound of the machine , the men and their armors ,  as she was drifting, changing paces looking for a  safer place to hide.
Until the sounds of the steps was gone.She woke up unable to move her head. As her antlers was caught up tangled on a twig. She was struggling  but it only makes things worst. Closed to giving up until she heard some footsteps behind the old oak trees.

A poor farmer found a severely wounded, gazelle in the plains  while he was meandering on a morning routine walk. He walk an inch to check on her if the animal is still breathing. She was struggling to live, her head was bleeding , seems like some vicious animal attacked her while she was nibbling some fresh buds. Out of compassion , he removed his handkerchief on his neck to pat the bleeding part of the  gazelle’s head,  and he poured some oil in the open wound .

And tied it with some medicinal herbs to stop bleeding. He carried her home, fed her and allow her to eat and walk freely on his  vegetable garden his only possession. 

The gazelle became healthy and strong but her wild free- spirited nature can’t wait to explore the world beyond the fences. Her master loved her dearly that he check on her once or twice a day to make sure she is ok. But she thought that wasn’t the life meant for her. She can’t wait for her master to set her free in the Forrest. 

He was planning to free her on the boarders of the Forrest  beside the riverbanks where she can get enough water and food to sustain her  ,it’s quite  far from their home garden  which is a common camp of hunters and wild-lings. And a time came where he needed to say goodbye, and open the fences , but for some reasons he felt a sudden pain on his chest and as he gave a gasp and fainted and dropped on the ground. 

The fence left open , and as she was wondering how and why would her master lay on the ground  inactive. She then  fixed her eyes on the violet sky , the humming of the birds and the gentle morning breeze. She looked through the white linings of the clouds  that seems to touch the mountains. And the Forrest,  how lovely it is as her wide eyed wanders the vast spaces to run and be free , she was captured to set her  foot out  from the  garden where she used to live. 

As she leaned her head  back , gazing his master lying still on the ground, and the open fence , and all of a sudden a blow from afar  that almost hit her toes, she halted and galloped towards the bushes of berries as fast as she could, where would those things came from. Confused and frightened she sniff and gently lowered her head to hide . The sneering man with a gun  run towards her direction pointing a gun on the bushes , as he went closer, he lowered his gun  aiming her  peeping head , all of a sudden something caught his attention , he halted and  ran on the opposite direction,he ran  to her master. 

Help! help! someone help, as he tried to carry him when a group of people huddled to him and carried him on the truck. 
She was left alone  in the bushes  and the bees and bugs crawling on her back as she tried to observe her surroundings. Quiet and tranquil as possible she moved very slowly and swiftly galloped to the plains. 

She was free again. Highly spirited as she gazed up the midnight sky. 
Alone beneath the stars as she remembered her mother’s smell, the warmth of her breath  and her masters way of calling her to get closer to him . 

The Sun brightly shines as she gently get awareness of where she is . An old oak tree’s shade giving her a shelter. Now she felt that the moisture from her mouth was slowly hurting her throat. The dew from the grasses aren’t enough to satisfy her drought.¬†The Darkness finally touches the sky as she ..She became weary due to the harsh sun and unbearable heat.¬†

As she sauntered along the unfamiliar route. Breathing slowly as she passed the growing bushes of figworts.She roamed to chase the direction of the moonlight, feeling the cold gush of the  wind beneathe her hides.Running aimlessly ,like a vagabond, quick, as she turned her head up to sniff the sweet and misty fog  came brushing above her nose ,A held tight to the shadows of the unknown.