I wish it’s just easy to reach out…

I opened my soul to you. Like I have never done to anyone.

I have no one to blame because, I’ve decided it myself, to be vulnerable like for once in my life I would feel that immense freedom to be “me”.

I let you read my thoughts, that’s how I became powerless and unconscious,

We left our intellects outside the bubble of doubts.

Living in the current moment , alive and stupid.

And then it ends .

It ripped my world apart as if I’m a floating ahead in my world of regrets.

That I wished I knew you first. But everything comes for a reason, and it taught me a lot of things.

That it’s better not to know anything at all.

The wall between us isn’t just a boundary, it is a protection we can set ourselves, because we can be someone we don’t want to be.

I was worried about you.

I don’t even know if we are still under the same sky.

But I said, it’s better not to know and better not to ask.
Because it’s pointless. It doesn’t make any sense now.

I don’t want to know. Because I may want more than just to know.

so be it ..

It’s okay. You will always be okay, and I am, as well.

I treasure all the things I have learned from you.

Thank you

Your choices defines who you are

How often do you feel regretful about your  decisions  ? And how this decisions impacted your life so far? 

We have this tendency to look back and asses our previous decisions in life. Whether it was five or more than a decade ago.

 It is significantly important to evaluate our decisions the costs and its outcomes. How we look back and reflect to our  past decisions does affects on how we create new patterns to our next .The thing about Good and Bad decisions  is that it leaves  remarkable  experiences.

Experience is  a good teacher and  no one can escape the lessons that life has to offer. 

Why is it hard for us  to make  quick decisions?
Is it the choices that makes it harder?

Is it  weight of its costs ? ,the effort that comes after ?

the things you need to set aside?

the people who’s gonna get hurt ?

Is it your feelings ? your ego ? , your good  relationship ?etc.

 And whatever it is it adds up the weight for the finality of the decisions made. 
Things gets harder when you are set into a great time pressure and you have  no time to think about and  do calculations.

But during this time our  gut feeling  has its clear voice deep in ourselves and it does manifest if you will going to  allow it. 

Now if you dig deeper from the roots wondering if you made a good decision, sometimes you’ll never know it in an instant , but you’ll see the positive outcome afterwards . It  has always been the indication of a good decision.

This is how your choices defines you.

 It shows who you really are and your desires.

What makes a good decision is good choices. 

If you find yourself delving into myriads of options , chances are you don’t really know what you want .

But if you know what you want and needed to achieve, you’ll gonna sort out those options into considerable choices with deliberation.

Decision making is a skill , followed by critical and analytical thinking skills.

If you want to learn more about decision making check out the following blog post : https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/250175/

Thanks ūüôā

Do you listen to your inner voice ?


Feed your mind with good thoughts and the good life will follow. Have you heard about all the good motivators and uplifting messages on every social media platforms ?

Their videos of self help, encouragements does have something in common ” Focus on yourself “Focus on your abilities ” It’s what makes you happy, It’s what makes you feel good It’s your power, it’s your mind , it’s your body and you should think of this ,do that ,don’t be like this and so on .

But those are empty words,it might sound a bit striking during hard times if that can set you too a good mood then what’s wrong ?Why do you still feel empty afterwards?

Because it’s empty it’s just words a mixture of letters in the alphabet

Aren’t you tired of listening to these voices ?

Some People always feel unmotivated and sad because of certain reasons. One of the biggest reasons is regret.

If only I did this, I did that.” It might have been like this or that.

To be honest this thoughts are tiring and then you’ll gonna realized it in the end that tolerating these thoughts makes you either unproductive or depressed.

It doesn’t make any sense at all. It will only make you stuck in the same ground.

What has your inner voice telling you ?

Go on , dust your self Fight  !!  or Give up ?

Sometimes it’s not what you are hearing , it’s what you have been listening that shapes you for who you are.

Are you tired ? Restless ?

Do you want to  just slump your ass down and cry ?

There’s an inner voice inside of us yearning to be heard …

Pondering the times that I want to quit life.

Have you experienced being constantly rejected to job applications , business proposals , love or career ?

How does it affect you as a person or how it shapes your views in life ?

Well, I would like to share this experience it’s been almost 3 years. Those were the times when I have felt being worthless, on and off. I often lock myself in my room for days there would be days that I would spend my time contemplating on things that I should be doing, but I failed.

Well it’s not helpful I want to break through this chains of self harm and anxiety.

There would be times that my thoughts are running around circles of self harm and suicidal thoughts.

I asked God what do you want me to do ? Why am I always like this, why would you let me experience this deep pain of rejections?. I have experience this since childhood isn’t that enough. I have had enough of this life.

I labeled myself as a Failure the pessimistic views arise in the level I can’t take life seriously anymore. I want to die , I want to quit living .

Like what’s the point of living if it will always be like this , If it’s constant fails and rejection.

Everytime I declare positivity in life there would be times that I still fail.

Maybe I am looking at it in a different view. Life is a series of ifs.

But eventually I realized, as time goes by. Just by waking up and looking at the sun it never gets tired of setting off and rising up.

A friend of mine told me “Try it, watch more sunrises than sunsets, and you’ll know what I mean.

So I set an alarm every morning ,at 5 am and dropping by at the nearest bay at dawn and waiting for the sun.

I’ve’s done this for months. Just a quiet time of breathing and feeling the warm sunlight on my skin.

I cried so hard. Yeah, I almost forgot Lord, I’m alive and that’s enough for me, you have a purpose for my life It might be a blur now but at least for the last few months I woke up expecting something.

I’m always expecting the sun to rise again. And It’s enough lesson for me.

And it is what they called “HOPE”.

Para crecer a partir de una mala experiencia, tienes que desconectarte de lo que sientes y aprovechar lo que has aprendido.

El proceso fue duro. Fue miserable, desordenado y doloroso. Pero durante esos momentos de llanto y momentos de me senti que “no tengo l√°grimas que llorar”, lo que lo hace inolvidable es el alivio despu√©s de liberar un profundo suspiro. Libera una calmante sensaci√≥n de libertad que no puedo explicar.