The Coriolis Effect

Incongruence as others might best describe it.

The mind and heart has their habit of making squalls of cloudburst and if you are too naïve, that storm would take over your mind and worst— your life .

Yes, And if you wonder of what you have been believing all this time might be a product of you deciding to believe it.

And without questioning it, without allowing your mind to comprehend the hidden and indecipherable acts of nature.

The more I became curious about human mind the more I accept the fact that Wordly Intelligence is void.

It never stops and it has no limit .
It is the Tower of Babel building and rebuilding inside us we don’t notice it.

We are going against our faith but if we are cautious and stand from what the mere foundation of everything the Bible has the answer.

Is it just that because you have questions and you are too lazy to find the answer you’ll just go accepting anything.

No , The more you ask the more you accept the fact that you have that limit , the limit is between these three spaces ” I don’t know”.

And Once you have accepted the limit you will see yourself as very limited unless you are connected to a Higher power who has the access to
everything an outside and super natural force and immesurable by our human mind.

I don’t know if it is because I read too many waywardly compromisisng books about Metaphysics but is that so?
That it created waves of doubts in my mind.

Openmindedness isn’t always neccesary.

So how is Coriolis Effect relatively connected to my writing? Coriolis force is basically that force which deflects an object in the right of its true path in the northern hemisphere and to the left of its true path in the southern hemisphere — snipped from google

Coriolis Effect is my own description of how I perceive our minds and hearts at some point of time there are always contradictions.

But I decided 7 years ago to set my foot on the Higher ground the Rock that is Higher than I.

I may say I regret opening up my mind on other philosophical theories just a thought of it makes me feel that I disregard my beliefs in an instant but the more I know the more I ask for more knowledge.

It’s just that my mind is a questioning machine.

So I accept that fact that I don’t need to know and If I would like to immerse myself in knowledge it would be to glorify the One who is behind all wisdom and knowledge and the One who created everything . God has all the answers and the Bible proved it.

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