Do you listen to your inner voice ?


Feed your mind with good thoughts and the good life will follow. Have you heard about all the good motivators and uplifting messages on every social media platforms ?

Their videos of self help, encouragements does have something in common ” Focus on yourself “Focus on your abilities ” It’s what makes you happy, It’s what makes you feel good It’s your power, it’s your mind , it’s your body and you should think of this ,do that ,don’t be like this and so on .

But those are empty words,it might sound a bit striking during hard times if that can set you too a good mood then what’s wrong ?Why do you still feel empty afterwards?

Because it’s empty it’s just words a mixture of letters in the alphabet

Aren’t you tired of listening to these voices ?

Some People always feel unmotivated and sad because of certain reasons. One of the biggest reasons is regret.

If only I did this, I did that.” It might have been like this or that.

To be honest this thoughts are tiring and then you’ll gonna realized it in the end that tolerating these thoughts makes you either unproductive or depressed.

It doesn’t make any sense at all. It will only make you stuck in the same ground.

What has your inner voice telling you ?

Go on , dust your self Fight  !!  or Give up ?

Sometimes it’s not what you are hearing , it’s what you have been listening that shapes you for who you are.

Are you tired ? Restless ?

Do you want to  just slump your ass down and cry ?

There’s an inner voice inside of us yearning to be heard …

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