Why is it so hard to let go ?–



Untitled design (3).pngI took a deep breath and watch a painful scenery — dump truck’s coming My old bike was taken to the dumpster. It’s all broken and cannot be repaired.

We have done a lot of things to reconstruct it. Brakes and handlebars are just easy to replace. But the body itself is rusty and can’t go with new parts– it can’t hold on anymore–

We have such good memories together– Riding bicycle in the neighborhood in the midnight escaping the chores. Such unforgettable memories — being chased with angry dogs Jajaja — so ironic.

It’s my grandad’s bike — my childhood treasure, but since it’s not useful anymore as long as I want to keep it.

It just sits there for quite long now I think it’s almost 12 years.

I have learned a lot from previous experiences — Personally, It would be really hard to learn to let go of something that you have. What if it is something you never had in the first place– This bike was never mine– It wasn’t given to me — It was my grand dad’s bike given to my brother after my brother’s death — I ask my parents to have it.

It was never mine — But I claimed it as personal property.

Just a thought — sounds silly to share things like this but — It’s not about the bike itself It’s the memories I’m holding on too.




Loud Thought #1


Sometimes you rush into things because of the thirst to knowledge. And once you find it out you’ll get disappointed.

Don’t live concealing the truth about what you think and what you feel tell it when you have a chance. People deserve honesty and even if they don’t do the same it doesn’t matter. Now that you let that truth go you are free from that trap and the truth it goes back to you. As what you deserve.

Don’t expect a lot from people especially hearing the truth from them. It is very rare now to find someone that is Genuine.

We don’t want to die surrounded with lies and regrets of “wish I told them, wish I did this.

We only got one chance.

And If you wait for the perfect time you will never get anything done.

It would be really hard to let things go and you will be in that trap forever.

                 I don’t want to be trapped in thoughts about a certain issue and people.

Just a waste of time to deal with things that are over and final once you have done your part. Nothing more to do. Let go and live again.

                     If you really want to hear the truth well it should begin with you 🙂

And the rest let the time reveal it to you.