November Book Review : The Power of Habit



I just set a monthly goal for myself of reading atleast 10 pages of a book a day reflecting on nuggets and sharing reflections. I choose this book ( got it from a friend he sent me ebook copy of it )

The Prologue centers to a woman which is the Scientist favorite participant which is Lisa Allen who had been into depressing times after her husband left her to be with some other woman. She develop destructive eating habits , smoking, alcoholand things got worse as she continuesly indulge herself with binge eating and self pity .In the midst of depressing times she eventually came into her senses after trying to lit a cigarette mistaking it as a pen. She thought of a goal , she needs a goal and by reaching that goal she needs to prepare her mind and body. I adore how she focused on changing one habit and later on it does make difference.

I just read from page 4-14

Reflection :

We need to change an old habit that is not beneficial for us.

She was just focusing on changing just one habit, which is smoking  and it quickly made a change  to her life . By reprograming old habit to new routines.

Book Quotes:


” When companies focus on changing one habit, the whole organization can transform “


” Decisions become an automatic behaviour”

Insights :


From Lisa’s perspective; Changing habit didn’t happen overnight. It starts with the decision and being fully commited to that decision and sticking into the goal.

I believe that in this life we are living, we are composed of patterns and habit. We are the product or our routines and habits everyday. Positive or Negative habits does direct us to what we are now.

Lisa is an inspiration to me now. I can relate to it very well. I myself  has been a procrastinator I gained weight and eventhough I wanted to lose weight I  always go back to old routines , old eating habit. I just felt so tired of it. I think I’m stuck into a habit of changing and being inconsistent until mindlessly going back t the old me again.

I don’t want to go back to the old habits that caused me destructive behaviour. I’m tired of setting new goals and then going back again . I want to break the cycle so I believe this book feeds me so much of inspiration that I should not stop even if I failed a couple of times. I will achieve my goal I just need consistency.


I love this book and I highly recomend this to everyone, This is really an eye opening direct insights and knowledge really does makes sense . 🙂

I’ll give updates after reading the next 15 pages ,

Thanks 🙂