Deep down the hollows


They say the stronger the tree the deeper the roots are. Everything has its own story and has a purpose for existence. Have you ever ask yourself about the point of your existence what this life really worth living for?

I have asked myself a thousand times 10 to 20 years from now what will I be? What will be my accomplishment with that span of years? I write some emails to my future self and If only she can respond and tell me and give me at least a hint of what will I be.

Am I be able to make it through life 3-5 years from now? So many questions sometimes I feel overwhelmed just by thinking about the future.  Unspeakable doubt and fear of the unknown. But God reminds me that he has a perfect plan for my life that’s enough to start my day ahead knowing He holds my future on His arms.



An Empty Cup is an Empty life



Some teacups are for display some are for drinking hot tea, which one these reached their purpose?

Yeah, you might be dealing with some sort of never-ending situation. And it seems like nobody understands.

Feelings and words have been so hard to verbalize. And you are looking around if someone would ever notice. And the weight of this burden has been overpowering that it shows subconsciously.

You try to fill in the void with all things that could possibly ease the unwavering restlessness. And the end of the day it’s always the same thing ” You’re Empty “.

Let me ask you ” Are you looking for your life’s purpose or Had it ever cross your mind?

If you knew it Are you pursuing it? — 

The answer: Both, some teacups are made for display because of the materials it is made of it is not for hot liquids. Some are made of heat resistant materials perfect for drinking tea, and you will never appreciate your tea without a good teacup.

Same as your life and your purpose, You might be dealing with something right now remember God will never pour a perfect hot tea to your teacup just to break you,He knows you can withstand it.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.”.

Romans 8:28


Be grateful and ask God for the strength to carry on.

When you have nothing more to do


There would be times in your life that things seem to be out of your control. You are holding on to your hope and you get drawn near the edge of uncertainties. And Confusion sets it and blurs your focus. And you speak to yourself, I have nothing to do, nothing to say anymore It is what it is .. so be it.

As the song give me faith by elevation worship. I love the part ” where it says — I may be weak, your spirit strong in me, My flesh may fail My God you never will. The focus turns to God’s strength and as we are now. We have weaknesses on areas we can’t control anymore, focus n the areas we can — our faith, our trust our attitude and character towards our situations.

When you have nothing more to do — it’s now time to turn to God  who has something to do about it — It’s God, wisdom, God’s strength God’s Power.


Old fires still stifling but never burns




Let the fire out.

Another post for the month of March. For the past week of hiatus, I find it so convenient to just write something on my facebook notepad.

(By the sound of the piano playing melancholic )

I’m still hoping that something or someone will remind me of the old passion I have had. But I realized just now passion doesn’t come to people or any situation you are in, it doesn’t depend on the music you are listening to or any insights life has brought you.

Those times that I feel inspired to write, only to realize that the fire to write doesn’t come by inspiration from people but it comes from the soul. The fire to burn bridges of failures and negativity and ignite your soul. The fire to burn the old you and let the ashes kiss the air. Disguising as a Fox with warm fur to make everyone comfortable during cold nights but what’s inside is a dying and freezing woman.

When everybody sees you as lingering fire strong and yielding but deep inside you are nothing but a heap of coals just protecting that small fire burning. You never want to lose that small fire for others who find comfort in your warmth.

You can give warmth to others but you forgot how that warmth makes you feel,  you have no idea how you touch others lives with just your words.

Nobody will ever realize they needed the fire until they feel cold as well as the darkness, some may not realize how important the light is until they stumbled on their knees in the darkness.

I know this is how passion works, I realized I need it when I have nothing to do to drive myself.

Passion is an inner power it never dies it needs to be rekindled.











Thanks, My friend



It’s been a long day without you, my friend
And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again
We’ve come a long way from where we began
Oh I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again
When I see you again…


This has been going on for over months now . I have a lot of things to thank you, I have learned from all the things and I am fully convinced that I am a victim of my self-destructive behaviors. But realizations sets in ” It doesn’t happen to us but It happens for us. If I have some stories to tell in the gloomy day It’s how a person makes me cry not because of pain but laughter. Thanks for the good days and the bad days. I learned that I don’t need to promise but hope for things that will come. I learned a lot. If you feel upset or might be trying to be a positive or act normal and happy. It’s ok, It’s all ok

Just be you and you are all you have, and that’s all you need. That’s all that you can do for yourself be you. I believe you have a lot of great things stored inside of you and a wonderful heart and Great mind. Great things will come to you.

Never forget to wear that killer weapon    —- Smile