Late night vibes and the air

I Don’t expect anyone to understand.



As I’m  walking under the bright moonlight in the playa chilling out dozing thoughts.

Listening to lofi- hiphop and smooth beats from Mr Otter.

The feeling of you just need to breathe. People are exhausting to understand, so I don’t need to understand them.I give up.

They stayed on my mind for quite a bit. I’m on the mood of que sera sera ” whatever will be will be. I don’t think it would worth the effort and time to think about.

yeah you can’t blame wishy washy people why they are free. They are either tired of trusting, tired of drama  and rather fictitious.

When thinking of reality doen’st make anysense at all because reality is always outside the window. It’s just waiting outside the door and once you open they gonna hit your face real hard.

–Some one is waiting  behind close doors 🙂


I’m not good in small talks but I just want to say Hi :)

Putting my gear on getting ready for a short walk.


This is my first post , and just started blogging again I deleted my first blog so writing is my first love and I don’t know I keep on coming back :).

So happy to finally touch the keys again. This is a fresh start of writing something new.  It would be a different topics. Thanks for stoping by.